Me encanta ir a Xela, les dejo una foto del Teatro en el centro Histórico, simplemente hermoso.


Me, enjoying the view of the best place in the world. Jaibalito, Solola - Guatemala.

The Hannya Story

Hannya is a special and unique young girl. At only 9 years old, she is already showing strong interest in getting a better education. She currently attends a public school, where classrooms are overcrowded and teachers are under-appreciated. Hannya speaks the Maya language Tzu’tujil, Spanish and is eager to learn English.

In an effort to help this motivated youngster to come one step closer to fulfilling her ambition to excel academically, Hiptipico has promised to give all proceeds from her handmade jewelry collection directly into a fund to help her attend a local private school. At this school she will be able to learn English and get the proper attention she needs to be a strong voice working to develop her Maya community.

(Hannya creating a necklace for Hiptipico)

Why is this so important?
Hiptipico invests in all different types of artisans. From those who are surviving day-to-day and those, like Hannya, who will grow up to be influential change makers.


  • Only 5% of Mayan girls actually finish primary school. 
Only 14% of Mayan girls have access to Secondary School.

  • Educated women re-invest 90% of their income in their family. Men invest 30-40%.

  • Every extra year of school increases productivity by 10-30%

Buy Her Products Now and 100% goes to Hannya: Hannya’s Necklace Collection

Collection 1: Brown 

Collection 2: Red

vía hiptipico

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